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Campina is a Dutch dairy cooperative. Main brands include Campina, Landliebe and Mona. In 2008, it merged with Royal Frieslands Foods. The name of the new company is FrieslandCampina.

Tom Hancock, Jennifer Hughe for the Financial Times mentioned how FrieslandCampina faces paper loss of €46m from Huishan Dairy holdings, "One of Europe’s biggest dairy companies, FrieslandCampina, is facing a paper loss of up to €46m from its holdings in China Huishan Dairy, the financially stressed company whose shares on Hong Kong’s exchanged suddenly plummeted 90 percent last week. The Dutch company formed a joint-venture with Huishan in 2015 as part of a deal for greater access to China’s vast baby formula market, which saw it buy $30m worth of shares in its Chinese partner. FrieslandCampina also paid $700m for half of Huishan Dairy’s Xiushui plant in the city of Shenyang, write Tom Hancock, Sherry Ju and Jennifer Hughes. The company valued the stake at €53m as of December 31st, since when Huishan’s shares have fallen 86 per cent – all of that on Friday. At current prices, that implies the Dutch group has lost €45.6m."


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Former Employee - Production Operator says

"Demoralizing and a waste of time"

Former Employee - ERP Consultant says

"My worse stint in my entire SAP Career and kept it short, SAP at the lowest food chain within IT . Manager’s left to struggle with employee issue without much help towards them and they become the punching bag due to frustrated employee which resulted many conflict. While top management provide no help towards managers. If you not from one specific organization can’t survive in this center in KL . Extreme high turnover from Managers and employee and politics to maximum. Heard it was better in the past but things changed last two years with new management from the top in KL. Hope things will change with the new CIO ."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not much to say but probably not aggressive enough"

Former Employee - Operations Specialist says

"IT has lowest employee engagement scores in company. Toxic work environment where gossips count more than facts. Inner circle gets promoted fast. No management transparency. Always cost cutting, hiring freeze, no money to improve anything, IT in Malaysia not growing (shrinking)."

Current Employee - IT Business Analyst says

"No career and development here."

Current Employee - Technical Manager says

"All employees are happy and glorious to thier work and services and they are mantely satisfied"

Senior Manager says

"If you are good in your job, you get your manager giving you more work to cover the slack until you can't take it anymore. Poor bonus and low employee benefits."

Former Employee - Accountant says

"Communication barriers across the company. Wrong hires of manager. Frequent management change or roles while management was seeking stability. Bureaucratic. Management reluctant, non responsive in detecting and correcting situation, clueless and mismanagement, lack of initiative in execution. Refuse to listen feedbacks and judgement gathered from gossiping and rumors instead of concrete reasoning. Management unable to conduct training after gone thru proper training. Empty promises given upon hiring and joining disrespecting the employment contract. Passive working culture, disrespect confidentiality, no privacy. Lack of clarity in roles and responsibilities. Lack of monitoring and control on the task quality. Monthly attrition rate, overwork high performers. No backup plans nor seeking new hires."

Current Employee - AR Analyst says

"Don't have any proper KT by Managers and Seniors."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"What to say about the company which fires an excellent performing employee after a work accident while he is practically disabled, struggling with multiple surgeries based on false claims and letters, claiming that his contract is ending by operation of law, without showing any remorse or human concern whatsoever? High fluctuation of employees, which seem to disappear in mysterious ways. Do not get surprised if after a year you get 11 month contract which ends right before you can get the permanent one and you get let down by the manager which seemed to be perfectly happy with you. Also, do not get surprised if they try to transfer you to some of their contractors after that. In addition, closed culture, political games and cheats, inclusion of foreigners = 0 Despite 2 years spent there - meaningless episode which deserves to be forgotten as soon as possible."

Embedded Design Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Every day was typical day in workplace. I learned more on this place. How to make a circuit and how to debug the hardware"

Designer UI/UX (Current Employee) says

"Dinâmica e flexível, que estimula a aprendizagem de seus profissionais. Projetos inovadores e interessantes, com um modelo de mercado diferenciado.Flexibilidade nos horáriosPoucos benefícios"

Tutor (Former Employee) says

"I would recommend that everyone tutor at least once in their lifetime. It is very rewarding and promotes collaborative activity. I greatly enjoyed going into work everyday."

Embedded Development Engineer (Current Employee) says

"a typical day at work what you learned management your co-workers the hardest part of the job the most enjoyable part of the jobfree lunchlong hours" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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